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Wetherby Wheelers ride with Cycling Weekly - 13 August 2016

Sunday 22nd September 2013- How Stean Gorge
Report by Adrian
Unexpected sunshine saw twelve riders take to the road from Wetherby town square, but we didn't get far before disaster struck! or at least for Kathy anyway. Passing through Linton her gilet somehow worked its way out of her back pocket and fell into the chain ring thus getting firmly wedged in the derailleur & jockey wheels.  Unfortunately the derailleur then snapped off damaging the chain in the process. Knackered gilet, derailleur & chain!  An expensive morning to say the least.  Once sorted out the rest of us set off again leaving Kathy to be picked up by her husband.  The long drag all the way up towards Summerbridge with a deceptive headwind was pretty challenging but the decent down towards Summerbridge more than made up for it, with the wind changing to a tail speeds in excess of 45mph were recorded!  A brief stop in Pateley Bridge then we pushed on to Lofthouse for the dinner stop. Having not done this ride for over two years I had forgotten the severity of the climb out of the village!  In hindsight a toasted tea cake may have been a better choice than beans on toast with poached eggs.  Having said that it didn't seem to hinder Mac who tore up it like a man possessed only to reach the top and then discover he hadn't turned his Garmin on for the Strava section!  The descent across the moor towards Healy was sublime, high speeds being reached again while keeping an eye on the odd wondering sheep.  In true Frank tradition instead of the easy route towards Grewelthorpe which Geoff had pointed out!  He took us up a real testing climb on which there was a classic car rally taking place, mind you it was nice to see Ford Escort Mexico’s Mini Coopers & Cortina’s tearing past us up the hills. The push down to Ripon was fast & furious whizzing past a Richmond CC rider at over 30mph. Another short break at Ripon then it was a final tempo ride back to Wetherby.  A good ride had by everyone, oh, except for Kathy!  Still it could
have been worse she could have been going downhill!!

Sunday 3rd August 2013- Rosedale
We departed from the Town Hall in Wetherby with a S/W breeze behind us heading for York where we met Ash, on towards Malton via Bulmer bank to get the legs warmed up for what was to come.  Martin who has not been out a lot of late peeled of here to Malton.  The rest of us headed North towards Pickering, AT Amotherly Adi realised he had a broken spoke in his rear wheel and badly scuffed tyre.  Reluctantly he decided to turn back although desperate to tick of the Chimney Bank climb which has eluded him so far.  On the 7 miles of undulating road to Rosedale Ash decided to stretch his legs making for a fast run into the cafe.  Not probably the best place for a dinner stop with only 100mts before the start of a 1:3 climb.  At least we coudn't blame the bonk for not getting up the climb.  On the first 1:3 ramp there was a touch of wheels and Greg went down.  I didn't want to stop and fortunatly he bounced straight back up and on to his bike.  20 mts further and Ken pulled up sharply with a problem with his calf.  The traffic was light which gave us the chance to avoid the inside corners which are more like 1:2.  Ash came storming past earlier hoping to set a good time on Strava, but realised at the top that he had forgotten to start his Garmin after the cafe stop.  A tough climb made harder by being back into the stiff S/W breeze.  
We returned back via Nunnington, where Ash shot past the right turn, a quick phone call and he was on his way back, only to overshoot the turning the other way and heading for Helmsley, I think at this point he called it a day and headed back to York.  We had a brisk ride back to Easingwold with Dave and Bren testing their new machines out to the full.  More surges from these two back into Wetherby along with Pete, before an audacious attack from Frank before the last roundabout, fortunately for me he nearly took the wrong exit and that was all the invitation I needed.  A superb ride with105 miles covered and Chimney Bank conquered.


Sunday 2nd June 2013, Stokesley
Lovely sunny day out on the North York Moors.  Much to our disappointment the cafe at the top of Carlton Bank which we had been planning our lunch stop at had been demolished and looked like a building site! 7 very hungry cyclists at that stage after having cycled 50+ miles and having used up all our supplies of snacks and energy gels too! We had to stop at this pub near Chopgate which was the next place selling food..... Adi and Simon couldn't resist having a pint! It didnt seem to affect their climbing ability out of Hornby though. Bit of a mechanical on the way back for me - could only use my small chain ring for the last 20 or so miles which was all I needed at the end of a 100 mile ride!

Sunday 27th May 2012, Grassington
Dave Burnell has taken an early lead in the candidates for the titanic trophy after having a high speed crash on the decent from Stumpcross Caverns, despite warnings from Ash about the road surface, having rode out that way last week.  On his new cervelo Dave shot past Ash at close to 35mph, then half way down he developed a speed wobble and in his own words, scrubbed off some speed and headed for the soft grass verge to bail out.  Luckily he is used to falling over at skiing so there was no harm done apart from scratches to his head where his helmet bounced along the grass verge. His bike shot 10 foot over his head narrowly missing the stone wall. After reaching the cafe and having tea to calm his nerves Dave rung his father to come and pick him up as we all headed on back towards Otley and then home. (AW)
Thursday 10th february 2012
'It takes a special kind of idiot to go out riding on a freezing cold day with snow & rain forecast for later on in the afternoon and on this particular Thursday there were 7 of us on offer.
Stevie P even turned up with a rucksack on his back, no doubt containing sandwiches & a flask of hot tea for the journey.
Easingwold was the target, so we all set off at a steady pace which became a lot steadier at Whixley railway crossing when Martin got himself and his bike wedged in the pedestrian crossing gate. He then had to back out & wait for the main gates to open which seemed to take an age.
The weather was holding out & progress was good and we were soon arriving at the cafe with anticipation of a nice warm meal & a mug of tea. It has to be said that the staff were not very cheerful to start with but when somebody complained that his beans were cold the atmosphere inside got frostier than the weather outside.
Back on the bikes and off we went on the return leg, by this time the weather had taken a turn for the worse with a sleety rainy substance coming down.
Riding at the rear of the group was like following a silage tractor that had its shoot on open! This is probably why Steve rode at the front most of the way home, trying to keep his sample top as clean as possible. I think you are only suppose to try them on for size mate!!
The weather got worse the closer we got to home but you can't be miserable when Ken is out on the ride, constantly laughing, its like being on a set of a carry on film. Its true what they say though there is no such thing as bad weather just a bad clothing choice. What with me with joggers over the top of my winter bibs, Graham in his SAS balaclava and Dave in his seventies disco socks we were certainly dressed to impress. The thought of a warm shower and 2 Swedish blonde's waiting to give me rub down kept me going. Alas the blonde's didn't materialise but shower was lovely!' (AW)

Sunday Club Run to Cow and Calf Rocks 22nd January 2012

10 out today on a very windy ride to the Cow and Calf. 50 miles covered starting from Wetherby, Elevation Gain:3,537 ft.

A humourous look at a club run,or is it? from Steve Pearson
Yes, this was it........ahead of the pack at Garforth Wheelers.  A
strange confusion in direction had led to Dave and myself being
approximately  100m ahead of the pack.
But.....how many ''accidents'' had lead to glory i asked myself. Dave
was keen to push forward and I complied.  Excited, for the first time,
that no one was ahead of the field. This was our chance for ''carpe
diem'' to seize the day...to head the field,...to be the yellow jersey
for the first time.
Why not, I thought, I had waited 3 years for this moment.
We drove on, the weather was good and I felt good, the rest of the
pack were still, surprisingly, well back.
Dave reassured me - that we had surprised them, that we had cast a
'seed of doubt' inside their minds.....from now on we would be taken
very seriously indeed.
20 mins into our 'attack'  I still felt good but things started to
change.....the gap between ourselves and the 'peleton' had shortened -
I looked over my shoulder continuously and, rather nervously, as the
main body seemed to be nearing. Heart pounding I had becoming a little
nervous and I tried to reassure myself. Dave still looked good [alot
better than me !]. Things started to change, the weather appeared to
turn a little dismal and overhead a shadow appeared - a crow swept by
appearing to laugh at me. The pack were closer now, I could hear
voices.....as if a pack of wolves could sense blood and were now
coming in for the kill. Whilst trying to remain composed I sweated
profusely as a rider approached from the corner of my eye. Slowly,
energey seemed to sap from my body as if a vampire bat had sucked my
blood and left me for dead.

Within seconds the pack were overtaking........  I looked up and fond
my normal position.......at the back. Dave was gone .....the pack had
moved on...waht a brutal, brutal tortuous sport.
But, for 20 mins I had seized the day with Dave .....

Thursday Club Run to Thirsk, 17th November 2011
Eleven Riders out today on the ride to Thirsk, 65 miles covered starting from Wetherby.  Sunny day with an average temperature of 55F. 

Club Run Sunday 16th October.


Club Run Sunday 16th October. Report and photo sent in by Phil.

Thought this was a great pic. Kathy was sure it was hard enough.......! It certainly made us all smile! (Frank, me, John, Kathy and Graham). 
 We set off after Graham repaired his puncture only to stop again 500 yards down the road to ask John for his "big one". His pedal arm had worked loose and needed a large allen key to tighten it up. I think it must be that Graham doesn't have a big one at home and waited until he was out on a ride to borrow tools?  [Ed.  It's like a scene from the old Benny Hill Shows]
If you would like to send your own words to this photo, send via contact page to the editor, and the best caption will be added!

Club Run Thursday 29th September. Report by Steve

Malham or Bust!
With the weather looking so good it was decided to do a long ride to Malham. 
Ten Members departed from Wetherby, surprisingly into mist towards Sicklinghall, but this soon cleared and the weather was glorious for the rest of the day with an average temperature of 76 F.
Graham was the first to turn back at the end of Penny Pot Lane still recovering from a bad cold.  But not before Ken had done his Superman impersonation after getting his front wheel stuck in a 3 inch deep crevice on afore mentioned road and maybe they should add hole in there somewhere.  John who was riding at his side noted how cyclists seem to travel faster when suddenly detached from their bikes!  Ken himself was patched up with a couple of borrowed handkerchiefs from Frank to stem the flow of blood, clean ones mind!  His bike was unscathed apart from a dislodged bar end stop.  Ken heroically re-mounted his trusty carbon fibre steed and carried on (tough as old boots).

   Kens injurys and the culpable pot hole.

Next to peel off, to the cafe at Hebdon was Paul (problems with his leg after driving for 24 hours continuously through France, a song from Bonnie Tyler comes to mind), Duncan, Martin, Jonathan and wisely Ken joined him.
Steve, Adrian, John and Frank carried on to Grassington for a quick refuel at the Spar shop.
 Onwards on the quite back lane to Coniston, we decided to have a comfort break, suddenly out of nowhere appeared cars, Landrovers, walkers, a film crew... only kidding with the last bit.
Back on the road to Arncliffe, (with a few damp patches) views of the dales in all its glory under a clear blue sky (that doesn’t apply to the previous paragraph!
After crossing the river Skirfare just after Arncliffe John tells Adi there’s a bit of a climb, suddenly the road rears up alarmingly 1 in 5 for about ¾ of a mile, we stop over the cattle grid at the top to admire the view and get our breath back. Frank rides past us through the milling sheep, “it’s all downhill now lads”, more lies.

John on the climb out of Arncliffe

Eventually after riding along the quiet single track rollercoaster road to Malham Tarn we swoop down the exhilarating descent past Malham Cove to a well earned lunch stop at Beck Hall.  A nice welcome, good food at a good price in probably the nicest setting, next to the river, of any club run lunch stop.
Basking in the sun in this tranquil idyll it was hard to get moving again but it was shopping night for Adi and it was already 2pm. 
On to Gargrave then a blast along the A65 to Skipton, now were shifting, soon make some time up, across the bypass towards the town centre, “BANG” my back tyre has just exploded.  Manage to stop OK to find the tyre is shredded and unusable, that will teach me to use it on the turbo trainer.
Looking on the bright side we are only a mile out of town and John says there is a bike shop.  Searching through my pockets I find £3.85p and I have forgotten my debit card.  But not to worry the three Knights of the road find £25 between them.  Thanks guys.  New tyre and tube fitted we are on the move again, “ Morrisons do late night shopping on Thursday Adi”. 
Hurtling towards Ilkley now with a tail wind nothing can stop us now!  “Chains off”, Franks lost his chain, this doesn’t delay us long as Frank breaks a branch from a tree in someone’s garden and deftly flicks his chain back on, I best add that he did actually stop to do this, he’s good but not that good.
After a quick stop for a cuppa and flapjack at Otley, John says Adi and I should press on, himself and Frank would take it easy now, thanks John... I proceed to have my legs ripped off by a human locomotive.  Adi I wonder if you could change your shopping night to Friday!
Club Ride Sunday 7th August.  Report by Kathy

 ….and then there were 2
9 of us set off from Wetherby up the A168 under grey clouds and a brisk cross wind.  By the time we got to Boroughbridge, Steve called it a day and turned off, followed shortly after by Mike.
So then there were 7  - until Frank and Ken also decided that Osmotherley was not to be for them - shortly before Thirsk we said goodbye to them as well.
The remaining 5 Wheelers bravely continued on with a short stop in Thirsk and then on to Osmotherley.  Thanks to the local knowledge of John Baker we did not take the fast route up the A19 but took a pleasant detour through a gated road….and…you will never believe this…(sorry I don’t have the photos to prove it) but we ALL rode over the cattle grid at the end of the lane.  (Only regular Wheelers will get this!).
So 5 of us made it to Osmotherley without getting wet - from rain, falling in the ford or otherwise -Martin, John, Graham, Ken (another Ken) and Kathy.  The normal club route back from Osmotherley is over the moors to Hawnby and then to the top of Sutton Bank before dropping down White Horse Bank to Easingwold, but 3 of the group decided that this might be too many hills in one day and decided that they would go back a similar route to the way we had come (not sure if that counts for the points competition!).
So then there were 2… hardy Wheelers who bravely, for the sake of the club, decided that they had to continue over the moors and back via Hawnby, There was only one problem….neither Graham or myself (Kathy) could remember the way!  But after taking instructions from John felt we felt that we could do it.  I don’t think the others were convinced that we would make it home before sunset though….neither of us are renowned for our sense of direction.
We did quite well before we got to Hawnby…but ‘straight on in Hawnby’…actually means follow the road round sharply to the left….we, needless to say, followed the road straight on…and after 2 miles of pedalling up and up ended up a dirt track!!  As the Wetherby Wheelers is not a mountain bike club we had to retrace our wheels back to Hawnby and try the road bending sharply to the left (now right)!.  This as all locals know goes up and up forever but at least we were back on track.
Remembering the next instructions we found the road to the left at the top of Boltby and thought we were doing well until Graham had a puncture.  There are worse places to mend a puncture however, than ontop of the North York Moors with great views across to the Dales..and the rain clouds were still holding off.
At last back to Easingwold for a stop at the shop…and after loaning my bike pump out to the local youth cyclists in the town who all had great racing bikes but not a pump between them (an economy measure??), I was home for just after 5pm having done 95 miles…a great ride!

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