Wetherby Wheelers 

Time Trials

Cancelled until further Notice, due to pandemic

Wetherby Wheelers have joined with Seacroft Wheelers, Valley Striders/Yorkshire Road Club, Cyclesense and Alba Rosa, to promote a series of evening time trials to be held on Thursday evenings.  These will take place from May to August 2020.  

Open to First and Second-claim members of the above clubs.  The entry fee for each event is £4.00.  The Evening Time Trials League is being sponsored by Cyclesense of Tadcaster.

Wetherby Wheelers are expected to provide timekeepers and marshals for three of these events.  Wetherby Wheelers members will not be able ride these three events.  It is expected that  members who time trial will make themselves available for these events particularly to learn the timekeeping aspect.
For further information contact the racing secretary Ken Hunter 



Seacroft Wheelers -  Wetherby Wheelers - Valley Striders/Yorkshire Road Club – Alba Rosa - Cyclesense

Wetherby Wheelers 25 mile club championship will be on the 25th June, on the V235 course ( Rabbit hill)  

Wetherby Wheelers10 mile club championship will be on the 30th July, on the V212 course (Rabbit hill)

Wetherby Wheelers Club Hill Climb will take place


Please see note at bottom regarding the number of riders per club.

This year we will be running an additional competition alongside our usual league with prizes for the fastest man and fastest woman on a "normal" road bike. To qualify for this competition the following are banned:

Time trial frames
Disc wheels and wheels deeper than 60mm
Time trial bars/extensions
Time trial helmets

To be clear - our usual unrestricted competition will run alongside this as usual.

Max of 40 riders, Max of 10 riders per club may sign on up to 20 mins prior to start then first come first served.


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